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Semai ants or Tomcat insect (scientific name: Paederus littoralis), also called Rove Beetle or by the name of the Kayap ants or Charlie in Indonesia, is the main group of segmented animals (arthropods) are included in the large family of beetles (Staphylinidae), mainly distinguished by the length of the protective cover of the wings ("sheathed wing"), which left more than half of their stomachs open. With more than 46,000 species in the thousands of generations, this group is the second largest family of beetles after the Curculionidae (actual beetle). These insects belong to a group of ancient insects, with tomcat known insect fossils from the Triassic era, or destruction of living things on Earth about 200 million years ago.

Tomcat does not bite or sting. Tomcat will discharge automatically fluid when in contact or contact with human skin directly. Gravity, Tomcat will also issue its toxic liquid at objects such as clothes, towels, or other objects. On certain types of insects, there is a liquid that supposedly 12 times more potent than cobra venom. Hemolimf fluids or toxin called 'aederin' ((C24H43O9N)). If something have been hit by dermatitis, immediately wash it. These beetles come into contact with while lying down or sleeping, crushing or rubbing the body with a dirty finger will cause conjunctivitis and severe skin disease that is identified as 'dermatitis linearis', 'aederus (Rove beetles / staphylinidae) dermatitis'. If you see Tomcat perch on the hand, do not push or killed as deadly mosquitoes or other small insects. Tomcat should be blown up to leave, or taken by carefully using hand tools or covered with plastic and dumped into a safe place. After that washing hands with soap and try again. If you can spray it with insect insect poison and removed without having to touch it directly. Indeed, this insect is a friend of the farmer because it is a natural predator of leafhoppers, one of the pests are the main enemy of farmers. Tomcat is a group of agricultural insects, but in the last 3 to 4 years reported any health problems in humans are caused by these insects.

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