Kamis, 27 September 2012

My Love's Life 2 ( I MAKE IT ! )

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Stop the time for me

when you were sleep
the only thing that i can do is just looking at you
i told it.. everything that i felt..
i can't said anything, i just shared it,
with you

althought with all of that
that's enough for me
let me keep looking at you,
apprais you,
love you

even you didn't know it
it's okay for me
it's okay

My Love's Life 1 ( I MAKE IT ! )

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Love is just hurting us
but we'll never regret to feel it

love is beauty
althought with it, you'll get hurt

love's never flat

love's always special
with all of the feeling you've felt ..

eventhought i was better than her
it's nothing
she has the one
 that made me locked my heart for anybody else


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I've been waiting this long...
But, for what ?? huh ?!
I'm waiting for NOTHING !

I even didn't know anything, that you think, right ??

so, what should i do ??
everything that i know just KEEP WAITING and BE PATIENT !

wait for the time come to me ..

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