Kamis, 27 September 2012

My Love's Life 2 ( I MAKE IT ! )

di 21.15
Stop the time for me

when you were sleep
the only thing that i can do is just looking at you
i told it.. everything that i felt..
i can't said anything, i just shared it,
with you

althought with all of that
that's enough for me
let me keep looking at you,
apprais you,
love you

even you didn't know it
it's okay for me
it's okay

do you know ?
i'm tired to love you 
i'm tired
it's enough

i wanna stop
but, this heart still love you
this mind is full of you
the time always make me remember you
always you

i'll not hoping that much
but, please
don't make hopeless
'cause you'll never feel the same with me


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