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Like a Rainbow

di 21.11

Yummie.., !
now, i'm not going to tell u about how to make a rainbow cake, but i wanna tell you what can we get or just like my english teacher (double zee) said when we studied narrative text, that's the moral value or the coda that can u get from eating rainbow cake..

i've eat this cake for the first time when my mom make it about.., eerr.., 5 months ago, maybe ?
there, when i tried it, just the same with the 1st word up there, YUMMIE !
but, i havebeen know something.., and that's :
"just like coulours in the rainbow cake, in our life, the happiness is something that coloured our life"
what's next ?
"after you with all of ur energy try to make this cake, then you got TADA ! a beautiful rainbow cake!,
like after a rain there'll be a rainbow

and in our life, after we had any problem, we'll get a happiness to, more problems, more happiness will u get!"

so, don't feel ungrateful with your life, and feel that God is cruel to you, but just think that after all you've had, you'll get something more!

maybe, something that we used to do, just being like that,
actually, a small things like this, can give you some learn.., right??

who agree with me ??

*oh, ya.., i lost the picture of my mom's rainbow cake made :( so i just search it..
*long not update, in reality no one will comented on my post, hahaha

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