Kamis, 27 September 2012

My Love's Life 1 ( I MAKE IT ! )

di 21.05
Love is just hurting us
but we'll never regret to feel it

love is beauty
althought with it, you'll get hurt

love's never flat

love's always special
with all of the feeling you've felt ..

eventhought i was better than her
it's nothing
she has the one
 that made me locked my heart for anybody else

she's so lucky
and even i was better than her
he'll never saw that

Oh God
if i forget him is the best one, for everybody
please make me forgive him

 if actually he's not the right one for me,
make me stop thinking about him

if there is anybody else that will better than him for me
make me closer with him

i'm not sure i can do that all

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