Minggu, 25 November 2012

Another's One

di 21.58
to see your smile
is a power to me for one full day
to see your laugh
will make clear all of my problems that time

to have you,
for only by myself
will make my self, my heart, my life, everything on me,

to write something about you
have been a new hobby for me
to write something about you
my feelings

actually, do you know?
that i hate writing ?

i can adapted wiith this beacuse of you
and that's mean
you gave some new colours to my life

you make it different
became better, prettier, and more powerful

thank you

keep and always hurt
only that
loving a wrong person
will always being like this
always hurting

is this a warn for me ?
that tried to involved witho both of you
into their relationship
even though i can't

because i'm too close
without thinking of his condition
he's already with someone

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